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Hello PHYLOViZ team, Thank you a lot for your great software. It works well, but when I want to display query results as pie charts, nothing changes, there is no pie chart. I used data from Streptococcus dysgalactiae downloaded from http://www.phyloviz.net/wiki/sampledatasets/

Thanks in advance, Dmitriy

We are not sure if we did understand your problem. Did you select relevant data and, then, click Select and View in the data view? Thank you! -- PHYLOViZ Team

Posted Sat Sep 6 10:24:13 2014


Phyloviz is an amazing tool. So well thought out and so advance. Just wanted to make a few requests about the display. Can you please allow to change font color. Also for some reason when I save the image as a PDF and open it in the adobe illustrator the font is recognized as image rather than text . Can you somehow change that. Finally while doing a scaled graph the circles tend to overlap a bit too much . Can you add a feature that just stretches them apart so that all circles are visible.


Maliha Aziz

Thank you! The problem with fonts is related to the library used while exporting. We are working in a new version and we will try other alternatives. With repect to circle overlap, you can control them through Options->Control and by tunning default spring length. -- PHYLOViZ Team

Posted Tue Jul 15 17:32:07 2014

Hi, I just realised the variation levels (for MLVA data set) between printed edges are inconsistent with these in the MST. By checking the MLVA profiles, it was found that levels in the MST is correct, however, the levels printed in the Output Tab is wrong. By the way, PHYLOViZ is awesome.

Fixed: net-phyloviz-goeburst 1.1.9 -- PHYLOViZ Team

Posted Thu Apr 11 16:10:38 2013